Northwestern boat
Owner:Sig Hansen
Home Port:Seattle, Washington

Length:125 ft (38 m)
Beam:28.92 ft (8.81 m)
Draft:13 ft (4.0 m)

The Northwestern is a 125 feet fishing vessel. It was built in 1977 at Marco Shipyard in Seattle, WA. The vessel was built specifically for the King and Tanner crab fisheries of Alaska's Bering Sea. In 1981 there was a collapse of the King Crab fishery. So the boat kept busy by fishing Tanner Crab.In the early 1980s the Northwestern was one of the first boats to fish Opilio or Snow Crab.

Sig Hansen Edit

Main article: Sig Hansen

The Northwestern has been part of the Hansen's Clan for the past four generations. The boat now belongs to Sig Hansen the oldest of the Hansen brothers.

Deadliest Catch
Cornelia Marie Phill Harris - Captain | Steve Ward - Engineer | Josh Harris - Deckhand | Jake Harris - Deckhand | Ryan Simpson - Greenhorn
Northwestern Sig Hansen - Captain | Edgar Hansen - Deckboss/Engineer| Norman Hansen - Deckhand/Backup Engineer| Nick Mavar Jr. - Deckhand | Matt Bradley - Deckhand | Jake Anderson – Jr. Deckhand
Time Bandit Johnathan Hillstrand - Captain | Andy Hillstrand - Captain | Neal Hillstrand - Engineer | Scott Hillstrand - Deckhand | Eddie Uwekoolani – Deckhand | Mike Fourtner – Deckhand | John Jorgensen – Deckhand
Wizard Keith Colburn – Captain | Monte Colburn – Relief Captain | Gary Soper – First Mate | Lenny Lekanoff – Engineer | Travis Lofland – Deckhand | Lynn Guitard – Deckhand
Kodiak Wild Bill Wichrowski – Captain | Adam McCalden – Engineer | Derrik Santi – Deckhand | Tony Castillo – Deckhand | Melvin Koso – Deckhand | Zach Larson – Greenhorn

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