Owner:Bill Wichrowski

Boat DescriptionEdit

The CaptainEdit

====Bill Wichrowski likes to grow beards and yell at his crew. When he catches crab it makes him feel all warm and snuggly inside. He has a fear of not being on his boat. He is a wonderful captain with 30 years of experience out on the open sea. ====nice

The CrewEdit

Adam McCaldenEdit

Dereck SantiEdit

Tony CastilloEdit

Melvin KosoEdit

Zack LarsonEdit


Deadliest Catch
Cornelia Marie Phill Harris - Captain | Steve Ward - Engineer | Josh Harris - Deckhand | Jake Harris - Deckhand | Ryan Simpson - Greenhorn
Northwestern Sig Hansen - Captain | Edgar Hansen - Deckboss/Engineer| Norman Hansen - Deckhand/Backup Engineer| Nick Mavar Jr. - Deckhand | Matt Bradley - Deckhand | Jake Anderson – Jr. Deckhand
Time Bandit Johnathan Hillstrand - Captain | Andy Hillstrand - Captain | Neal Hillstrand - Engineer | Scott Hillstrand - Deckhand | Eddie Uwekoolani – Deckhand | Mike Fourtner – Deckhand | John Jorgensen – Deckhand
Wizard Keith Colburn – Captain | Monte Colburn – Relief Captain | Gary Soper – First Mate | Lenny Lekanoff – Engineer | Travis Lofland – Deckhand | Lynn Guitard – Deckhand
Kodiak Wild Bill Wichrowski – Captain | Adam McCalden – Engineer | Derrik Santi – Deckhand | Tony Castillo – Deckhand | Melvin Koso – Deckhand | Zach Larson – Greenhorn

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